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Thursday, November 30, 2006

My wonderful wife

In the tradition of the Chaplain , I present this tribute to my wonderful wife.

Today I started school again, attending Kaplan University online. I'm studying for an A.S. in Criminal Justice, to go with my B.S. in BS.

Amidst 4 wild children, I began again my foray into education. Whilst I attended my first weekly class "seminar", my wife managed to:

1) Keep the children out of my hair (no small task in itself)
2) Offer words of encouragement
3) Put the children to bed
4) Present me with freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. mmmmmmm.

Thank you sweetheart!

To top it all of, my wife tells me how much she loves the smell of G96.

What a woman!

I love you.