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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Up in smoke

As promised, the answer to the bonus question:
Hyperpolysesquipedalianistic: The overuse of long words.

And now.......today's dim-witted entry!

You've probably heard by now that the SGOTUS has come out with a report saying that second-hand smoke is really, really bad. Locally, the head of the Taussig Cancer Center at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Derek Raghavan, has been quoted as saying that "Politicians need to have some balls" and pass a smoking ban in Cleveland to protect the people. The good doctor's comment is fine with me. If he were saying the opposite in his position, I'd be a little worried.

The issue here, once again, is government interference. Just as with the seatbelt law, it's not the government's job. The difference here is that they are interfering with people and market forces. Proponents of a smoking ban have said that when businesses such as bars and restaurants go smoke free, their business goes up. There is still debate on this point, but, for the sake of discussion, let's say it does. Why not then offer a tax credit to businesses that go smoke free? Then, they can decide for themselves, based on the numbers, if it makes more sense to ban smoking and take the credit, or decline the credit and allow smoking.

Or, better yet, don't do anything at all. If enough people really had that much problem with smoke when they walked into, say, TGI Friday's, they would eventually stop going there and start going to a smoke-free establishment like Red Robin. (Which is an outstanding restaurant, by the way. Really, really good food.)

Then, free markets would function without interference. [pause]

Whiny Liberal: I love to eat at TGI Friday's.
Theo[logical] Thug: Then go. Enjoy. Eat, drink and be merry.
Whiny Liberal: But I can't. It's smoky in there. I'm offended by smoke. I think I'll ask the government to pass a law to ban smoking.
Theo[logical] Thug: Why don't you just not go there? Why trouble everyone else?
Whiny Liberal: Because I don't like the smoke.
Theo[logical] Thug: Then don't go.
Whiny Liberal: But I like the food.
Theo[logical] Thug: Looky here pal. You can't have it both ways. Either you eat there and put up with the smoke, or you don't eat there and put up with the withdrawl. Oh, by the way......King Bush rocks!

If I go into a restaurant and they're playing really loud music, I just go find another restaurant to eat at. Suppose we ask the government to pass a law banning loud music in public places?? Hmm??? How about it.

What too many people don't understand is that a business is not really a public place, per se. The owner can refuse service/entry to anyone he wants. He can make pretty much any rule,regulation etc. that he wants. (Provided that it is not illegal, of course.) Remember the lady who got kicked off the plane for the t-shirt she was wearing? She sued because she said the airline violated her 1st amendment rights. [BUZZER] Wrong. It was a private business, and absolutely had the right to tell her to cover it up or get off.

The 1st amendment says that the government cannot regulate free speech. This also ties in to the controversy at Gino's restaurant in Philadelphia. I would like to shake that guy's hand!

At any rate, the overriding point is that the government just needs to quit meddling. There are far too many examples of the government screwing up what it was trying to fix. If they would let market forces and people's voices determine what happens here, we'd all be a lot better off.

This rant brought to you by the letter 'Q' and the number '6'.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We now return to your regularly scheduled blog -or- The Adventures of the Grammar Nazi

Well, it's been a heck of a week. As you all know, we moved a week and a half ago. Kudos to Mrs. Theo[logical] Universe for all of her hard work. She's been an organizing and cleaning nut! The house is in great shape, thanks to her. I love you honey!

Now to the issue at hand. I've gotta say that I've about had it with the grammar, etc. in our society. Check out this sign posted at the employee entrance of one of the customers I service:
I realize you may not be able to read it, since it's a camera phone pic so here's the translation for those of you without 20/1 vision: "We only hire the best & Your It!" Apparently, that doesn't apply to the employee who created the sign.

Besides your/you're, here's a few other common mistakes that make me crazy:

LuvGlock has a myriad of talents. [Insert game show buzzer sound] The correct use of this word does not include a/of. The sentence should read: "LuvGlock has myriad talents". Myriad is similar in meaning to the word "many".

Adverbs: I feel very strong about abortion. [BUZZER] Adjectives always end in 'ly', as in: "I feel very strongly about abortion.

Another things that drives me crazy is speling erors. I don't expect everyone to know how to spell "fibromyalgia" or "hyperpolysesquipedalianism". I think though, that most people should be able to spell "computer" and "plywood" and other such common, easy words.

Good/well You don't feel good. You feel well. You don't do something good. You do something well.

Lastly, when people use quotes on posted signs incorrectly. A sign should read No Trespassing not "No Trespassing" or Employees Only not "Employees Only".

OK, so I'm a little picky. Maybe, but honestly, America is really getting dumbed down, and that's a problem. Standards have lowered for everything, not just intellect. We've all heard the stories about 4% of high school seniors being able to locate Germany on a map, and other such things.

How about this: "If you show up to work on time, every day, and do the job you've been assigned, you'll go far." I've heard that on more than one occasion from employers. It's not just talk, either. I've seen people get promoted for doing nothing more than that. Remember when you had to go the extra mile to get noticed and be appreciated? Not anymore.

Where does it end? If we continue to lower the standards, how long until the President of the United States is a college dropout? Or even a high school dropout? How long until CEO's have as much sense of how to do a good job as any of the 46 janitors that came through the company last year? How long until you can get a degree in a year of 12 credit hours?

OK, so maybe I'm an alarmist and really picky. But at least I spelled it correct.

Tune in tomorrow for: Smoking Bans; a new Jack Bauer FOD, a new thought of the day, and the answer to today's bonus question: What is the definition of "hyperpolysesquipedalianism"?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Coming soon to a blog near you.......

For those of you who don't know, I've been busy getting ready for, executing, and arranging after a move. We'll return to your regularly scheduled blog in a few days.

In the meanwhile, I'd like to thank Schreiben von Schreiber, the Quipper, SamPen, and of course, the dh to Barb the Evil Genius for all their help. It was, ahem, a picture of perfection.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ding Dong the *itch is dead! [Warning: PG-13]

Zarchawi the evil *******
(with apologies to Rudolph)

Zarchawi the evil $*%@$#!
had an old Russian A-K.
And if you were Iraqi
you would run and hide away

All of the other terrorists
paid allegiance to this Baal
they never let poor Zarchawi
know that he was bound to fail.

Then one humid Baghdad eve,
the Rangers came to say,
Zarchawi with your serin gas
Have a .223 and KISS OUR ***!

Then all the soldiers killed him
as they shouted out woo-hoo!
Osama, you best keep runnin'
Cause we're comin for you too!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Holy cow! It's Nina!

"If Jack Bauer was in a room with Adolf Hitler, Sadaam Hussein, and Nina Myers and he only had two bullets, he'd shoot Nina twice. " - Anonymous

Now I understand. I almost fell off my chair when I found out Nina was the second mole. This show rocks! We've since started on season two, and, I gotta tell you, it's sweeeeeeeeeet.

I think we'll manage to catch up with all the "old" seasons before the show starts again, but I'm dreading watching it live. How do you people get through a whole week waiting to see what happens next?

Friday, June 02, 2006

22 episodes down, 2 to go

A few weeks ago, I decided to rent 24 (1st season) on DVD. Well, I'm sure most of you know this, but WOW. I can hardly wait until tonight to watch the last two episodes and see how it ends up.

This show absolutely rocks! The twists and turns are amazing, thrill-packed and ever less predictable. I just can't get enough. Thank goodness for NetFlix!!

To celebrate the end of the beginning of my 24 addiction: Jack Bauer Facts (WARNING!!! Some of the list is rather explicit.) Also, starting today, there will be a new feature on my blog. You've already seen the thought of the day (right?? haven't you?? down on the side bar, under the archives??) I now present [insert drumroll] the Jack Bauer Fact of the Day, or JBFOD.

Lastly, if you have a blog, and I haven't listed it in my links, e-mail me so I can put it there!